you need
  • - adhesive tape;
  • - Screwdriver indicator;
  • - magnetic switch;
  • - thermal relay;
  • - automatic;
  • - tester.
Remove the old engine, electrical tape marking the neutral wire, which was connected to the unit.If you are installing the engine is not to replace the old, and again, determine the neutral wire by means of an indicator.At the end of the zero indicator lamp will not light.
Outfit fitting a new engine protection, including magnetic starter, thermal relay and the machine.Assemble the valve to the panel.
thermal relay connect to the starter input terminals, and connect the output to the relay contacts.When choosing a magnetic starter, make sure it com
es to engine power.
Incoming conclusions armature connected to the three terminals of the machine, eliminating the neutral wire.Output terminals, connect the machine to the respective terminals of the thermal relay.To the output of the magnetic starter, connect the cable, which will go directly to the engine.
If the power of the motor is less than 1 kW, connect it to the machine directly, without the magnetic starter.
Connect engine.To do this, remove the lid and check the terminals.It has six pins.They are joined by either the type of the "triangle" (pairs), or the type of "star".Connect the ends of the power cable to the terminal blocks;in the presence of the scheme of the "star" free contacts, connect alternately.
If coming from the motor terminals are in disarray, use tester for "continuity."Consistently connecting the terminals to the ends of the tester, look for separate windings.Now, connect them to the type of "star".The coil thus collect at one point, and the remaining ends of the cable, connect the input.
After installation wires wear on the engine cover and check all the device in operation.When you turn on the motor shaft rotation going in the wrong direction, swap any wires on the input magnetic starter.