you need
  • Automotive battery, wires with clips "crocodile."
To open the car with the dead battery, podlezte under the car and remove the motor protection.It is necessary to free access to the generator.Be sure to remember whether your parking brake or transmission, or you risk get into a difficult situation - the machine is not set for the hand brake or gear rolls easily at a push.
Once open access to the generator, take a serviceable battery.On the generator car found positive terminal and connect the battery cable having a "plus" sign.Wire "minus" battery should be connected to the car body, ie to the area of ​​bare metal.If you did everything correctly, the car alarm will aga
in respond to the remote control signal, because you connect it to the power supply side.
Remove the discharged battery and put it on charge.Replace the engine protection and never forget to turn off the lights or the light in the car.