you need
  • - oil;
  • - new oil filter;
  • - container for waste oil;
  • - plastic or metal funnel;
  • - a set of keys;
  • - flashlight;
  • - a clean cloth;
  • - rubber gloves.
carefully read the recommendations on oil change set out in the manufacturer's instructions.You know how often to change the oil in the engine of your car, and can also choose the specific type of oil, corresponding to the brand of the machine.
Inspect the car engine to determine the type of oil filter and its location.Make sure you can easily be placed under the vehicle capacity to drain the old oil.For the convenience of the operation of an oil change should stop by the pier or raise the car on jack.
Find the location of the drain hole, through which the removal of the old oil.Inspect sump and pick up for him the key of the corresponding size.To work you will also need oil filter wrench, funnel, container, gloves, rags, and a flashlight.
Drive the vehicle on a platform and set it on a manual brake.Make sure that the machine is reliable and can not independently move.Turn the engine off and wait for a while, when the oil has cooled down.Remove all covers, closing access to the engine.
Place a container to drain the old oil under the oil sump.The key to loosen the plug by turning it counterclockwise.Begin to unscrew the plug by hand.When he reached the end, then release it to the side, exposing a hole tank drain old oil.Make sure the oil or spray on the sides and flowed directly into the container.When all the oil is drained, replace the plug.
Prepare the new oil filter, causing the rubber gasket thin layer of oil.Make sure that the flange of the filter is not damaged.Remove the old filter and install a new one in its place.Cloth, clean all surfaces from sagging oil.
through funnel fill up with new oil in the oil filter.Install the filter cover.Clean used rags and tools.Turn the engine without increasing its momentum.Make sure that the new oil is not flowing.Check the oil level in the system and adjust it if necessary.