Most motorists faced with rust, which manifests itself in different parts of the body.Most often this is due to dampness and salts that corrode iron.If you want to rid your vehicle from this scourge, but do not want to give big money for it, try at home repaired rust .
To start, set the jack under the vehicle and remove the wheels.Examine the body on rust and assess the damage that it caused.Perhaps you will still have to apply to the master, to replace some parts, etc.
If you decide you can handle yourself, take a grinder or a drill with a rigid attachment.Remove the paint from the place where the visible rust.Do this for as long as may seem bare metal.
The third step carefully and accurately oshkurte surface of the vehicle in a place where you removed the paint.Again, you need to try hard to get rid of the rust.
Now prepare your car for painting.To do this, close the newspapers are the places that will not be subject to this procedure.Once again, rinse thoroughly sanded with soap and water and treat with 400 sandpaper.Also buy the store paint that matches the color of your car.Do not forget to take a primer.In most cases, cans of paint, you can find instructions for use of this tool.
Before you paint the car gently prime the surface.Then take the spray paint and spray a thin layer to the desired location.From time to time, take a break, during which the previous layer should be dry.Then again apply the paint.Do this until until you get the desired color.Most likely the paint will differ.But do not worry, because the bright spot is better than rust.