As is clear from the title of the contract, the customer is the municipality.Russian legislation provides for the right of local authorities to meet the requirements necessary for the normal functioning of the authority, at the expense of the local budget.At the same time the budget is a "limiter" for the administration of spending - not allowed to spend on the needs of the municipality more money than allowed by its size.The contract with the supplier shall be in writing, on behalf of the municipality, Russian Federation.It can be concluded in the name of another organization, which by law is entitled to funding from the local budget.
supply contract or a contract concluded with the contractor, who will win in a special contest.After his detention shall be subject to change, no
t all conditions of the contract.For example, the price is a substantial change in the participation and in any case can not be.The only possible changes in the contract price may be a change in the value of those goods, production and sale of which are fully controlled by the state.However, additional orders of the same goods the supplier has the right to change their value, but by prior agreement with the customer.
is strictly forbidden to change the size of penalties, fines and penalties provided for municipal contract initially - they can not be change unilaterally or by mutual consent of the parties.If the configuration, equipment or other technical characteristics under the influence of time have been changed or added, the customer is entitled to refuse to receive them or else they require additional checks on the quality and compatibility.He is not obliged to accept the goods in a smaller / larger volume than was stated in the contract.
Specific guidance relating to contracts concluded in the absence of a future supplier of any competitors - their conditions did not subject to any change.