loan with a high interest rate

Many large lenders are willing to provide consumer loans to citizens who are unemployed, conditions in this case are not the best.But choose not particularly necessary because the increased rate - is the need to eliminate the maximum risk.You will also need a number of documents - passport, as well as pension insurance card.It is also necessary to specify the number of stationary and mobile phone.In addition, you must have a good credit history or even no.Bad credit history reduces the chance of getting a loan to a negative number.

credit for starting a business

This credit will suit only those citizens who are ready to bid farewell to his former work and do business.To do this, you will need to embark on a stock exchange, where to apply for a review of its business plan and to officially register the company.Then, in the center of the Entrepre

neurship Support you will be given 120 thousand for the development of your business, and the bank can receive a loan of up to 500 000 rubles.Thus, you get a large sum of money, but have to work for a long time.

Take a certain amount of loan

there are private investors who are willing to give you some money on bail apartment or vehicle.Of course, here you will not have to collect a lot of documents, but the risk is much higher, because it is not known what the investor will get to you.


Currently, there are organizations that are willing to give you a certain amount of the loan immediately and on the basis of a single passport.Perhaps initially it seems that this is the best option.However, do not rejoice, because in organizations such high stakes.In this way they are trying to block their risks.

What not to do

should not apply to firms that offer you money for a share of the credit fictitious submit documents for the loan.They will confirm your working time and will be given the necessary document, but the bank can easily calculate the scam, and therefore you will be without a loan with bad credit history.