When appealing

Chapter 39 of the Civil Procedure Code provides for the participants of the case, unmet reaching the decision, to appeal to a court of higher jurisdiction.Complaint judgment is served in the form of an appeal before it enters into force, so it is important to observe the deadline.When the case was heard in the magistrates' court, you can file an appeal within 10 days after the magistrate issued a final decision, in other cases it should submit within one month, unless otherwise stipulated by law.Please reconsider the decision may relate to only a part of it.The appeal, in contrast to a co
urt order, may be filed on the decision rendered in absentia.

Where appeal

If the case is decided in the Magistrate's Court, the appeal must be submitted to the district court.When you are not satisfied with the result of the court cases pending in the district court, the complaint must be filed with the Supreme Court of the Republic, the autonomous region, and you can refer to it in the regional, territorial or municipal court.In turn, the legitimacy of the decisions made by these courts, the Judicial Board on Civil and Administrative Division of the Supreme Court.The latest, highest, level, where you can go to appeal - is the Appeals Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Appeals procedure requires that it be filed through the court which made the decision on your case.It is necessary for compliance with the existing legal procedures and formalities governing the appeal.

How to write an appeal

content and structure of this document are governed by st.322 CPC RF.According to her, in the address of the document must specify the name of the High Court, in which you address your complaint, and complete information about you: name, surname and patronymic, passport details, address of permanent residence and residence.

The text of the appeal must specify the full details of your case - his name and number, date of issuance, the name of the judge makes a decision.The main part of the appeal, state the nature of the complaint, write what you think is the wrong decision, give your reasons, a reference to the case file and the new evidence, if they appeared.Formulate their request, taking into account the specific powers enjoyed by the supreme court, appellate, court.

Give a list of documents that you use as the application and sign the appeal, indicating the current date.Note that the text of the appeal and its annexes shall be provided with copies of the number of all stakeholders.