Is talk record as evidence in court proceedings?

recording can be accepted as the main evidence.Practice proves that the application of a recording in court is not unique.Often the court does not accept the post because of violation of the order of receipt.Proof unauthorized recognized and received with the help of a violation of the law.

If a recording made on tape is the only evidence, it is necessary to take care of the fact that it was adopted.To do this, you need to follow some rules.


To record has not been rejected, it is necessary to do the following:

- in the section for special notes is a record of the date, place, and circumstances of equipment that has been recorded;

- proof should be in the hands of strangers, so the same day, it must be put in a safe-deposit box - i
t will provide the instrument of her immunity;

- you can take it directly to the court, the main thing is not to play for time, because there are many examples where the talk record was not accepted because of its limitations;

- the protocol must contain information on the conduct of the recording that you want to mark in the "explanations";

- post in any case should not be subjected to cutting and other changes;

- a copy of a recording is made compulsory, indicating when, where, who, and with the help of the equipment manufactured it;

- the court is applied for the audition, as well as the admission of record in the case file to the corresponding indicating the date, location, equipment, and the person who has made a record in writing;

- specified in the application medium and the number of copies;

- attached to the record its interpretation of the text, is an indication that it was produced in self-defense of Article 12 of the Civil Code;

- in some cases, to apply for the examination of a recording to reveal traces of the installation, as well as the identification of the vote.

In court, there are no specific rules which can be applied talk record.In each case, the question of familiarizing recording on tape as evidence the judge decided individually, taking into account the circumstances of the case.To talk record was adopted, it must be a right to provide the attention of the judge.