The simplest and at the same time, a reliable way to get your credit history is the execution of a specific request on the official website of the Bank of Russia.Among the many sections you need to select the link "Request credit bureaus."The system will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire consisting of several issues.It will be necessary to enter personal and passport details, as well as e-mail.The response that comes to e-mail will contain information about the Bureau, which is your credit history.The last stage of verification is a formal request for information from these organizations.Methods for making your credit history, you can check with the experts by phone or come to the office in person.
Check credit history can be a more compl
ex way.To do this you need to apply to any branch of any bank or credit bureau and write a request for the information you need.This method has one major drawback.The information you provide, but note that it may reflect inaccurate information.Credit history in different bureaus may differ, so confidence is better to write queries in several organizations.If the response will indicate that the credit history you do not, it means either that you do not take loans and have no overdue loans or your data is stored in the other offices.
Most banks before granting a person a loan, be sure to send requests to the credit bureaus.Based on these data the decision to grant funds or refusal.Some organizations offer a paid service, through which you can at any time to find out your credit reputation.Free update such information, you can once a year on the official website of the Bank of Russia.Paid services can be used any number of times.
Please note that for self-information request, for example, on the website of the Bank of Russia, you will need your "code of the subject."This code consists usually of fifteen digits and is indicated in your statement to the bank when applying for a loan.If you do not remember or do not have the possibility to recover such data, it is possible to find the right information in the bank, where you take the credit.It is better to apply to the credit institution in which you take credit obligations for the first time.
There are many sites that offer their visitors to check credit history.Trust such sources is not necessary.Information may be distorted or inaccurate.In addition, for the service, as a rule, you will have to pay a certain amount, or send a paid SMS message from your mobile phone.If you need accurate and reliable data, it is best to refer to official sources.Examine the information, for example, can be on the CRB website or CCCH (central catalog of credit histories of Bank of Russia).