you need
  • - mortgage law;
  • - credit programs of the bank;
  • - credit agreement.
Pick the right housing , you want to buy.To do this, you should get acquainted with the current proposals in the mortgage market on their own or use the services of a realtor.Services are paid a realtor, but thanks to his mediation, we can pick out the best option from all available properties.Further, it is desirable to get acquainted with the mortgage law, which spelled out all the nuances faced in the process of purchasing real estate.
Select the bank in which you wish to issue a loan on housing .To do this, carefully read all the loan programs for real estate, offered by banks in your area.To this end, it is desirable to analyze your family budget and compare it with the cost of the desired housing.As a result, you make a rough estimate of the amount that you will need to get a loan.
Apply to any branch of the bank that you have identified for further cooperation.Provide a complete package of documents for a loan on a house .Such documents must be: a passport;identification code;Help about earnings from work;technical passport of the acquired property;a document confirming the ownership of the property;a certificate of prescribed persons in the apartment.Then you need to fill out an application for a loan.Once all of these procedures, your application for a loan and the documents will be considered in the legal department of the bank, as well as in the security department for further decide whether the loan.
Apply for a credit agreement for the purchase of housing loans.Carefully read the terms and conditions of the loan, maturity and amount of the monthly payment.This credit agreement shall contain the signatures of two parties: the representative of the bank and the borrower.Sometimes, banks can ask for notarization of the loan agreement.
register your property in the state registration, causing you to finally pass the ownership of a house bought .Then insure purchased housing , to eliminate further risks.