you need
  • - passport;
  • - the deposit agreement;
  • - account number.
To receive money, contact the bank branch with the following documents: passport, deposit agreement and the account number.
should contact the bank for some time before the planned date of withdrawal of funds.
Write a statement early closure of its contribution, if the term of its completion has not yet passed.Statements should be asked to make a copy.For example, if an individual has been opened on May 1 contribution period of three months, and he wished to withdraw the money on July 1 it is necessary to write an application to the
bank branch on the early closure of its contribution.In this case, the bank loses assets therefore reserves the right to reduce the interest on this deposit for the last month, down to zero.
In the case, if you shoot a dividend on the closing day of your checking account to write a special statement in advance contact the bank does not need to, because the accumulated dividends as the entire amount of the deposit, are reserved to the client's accountautomatically.
If you plan to withdraw a large sum of money from the deposit (200 thousand or more), pre-treatment of the bank is a must.In a statement, the withdrawal of funds not only specify the amount you are intending to stay, but also the desired denomination banknotes.
on application specify the date of its approval and receipt of money.Often such statements are considered by experts of the bank not later than the next business day.Money is transferred to your account as early as within one working day.Thus, you get the money from the deposit a maximum of seven days.

Removing the dividend can be ordered also by phone or fax, in person not being a bank branch.