you need
  • - Bank;
  • - gold;
  • - securities;
  • - real estate.
most accessible to the general public was and still is a way to keep money in banks.There are a variety of deposit accounts, the interest on which would allow even save money from inflation.As a rule, in small banks interest rate is higher than in a large and well-known, this is due to the need to attract customers.Invest money in such banks is beneficial, but the reliability of many of them is poor.The vast number of banks insured deposits, the maximum amount of insurance compensation of 700 thousand rubles.This means that in case of bankruptcy of the bank your contribution, not exceeding the specified amount will be refunded to you in full.
If you do not trust banks, financial crises are concerned and would like to postpone something for a rainy day, keep your savings in gold.Gold is not afraid of any financial disasters - on the contrary, in the conditions of instability the price for it is growing.You can buy gold jewelry in jewelry stores or gold bars and coins in the banks.Keep in mind that when you buy a gold bar you have to pay in excess of its cost of VAT tax, equal to 18%.This can be avoided by leaving bought bullion on deposit in the bank.Gold coins are not subject to VAT.
What to do if you want your money really works, bringing serious income?In this case, you can try to play the stock market.If you do not understand this trade and do not want to risk too much, give of your money in trust.You can find a serious company with a good reputation, for the year can multiply your money by 15-25%.
good way to save is to buy the real estate savings.Having bought an apartment or house, you are guaranteed to save their money, while still be able to take property, to earn additional income.