Before you invest your money, how to learn "the way."

In no case do not be afraid to take risks - because the fear is the cause of inaction."Any of inactivity, as well as any action that has its own risk and the price of risk", - said the Chemin.Often people because of their fear of incurring losses refuse opportunities to earn extra money, such as exchange or trade real estate.It should not be forgotten that in the initial phase error can not be avoided, but a negative experience that you get easily allows you to get many times more in the future.
never asked for help

"From childhood, we instill the thought that to ask for help - a lot of weaknesses," - says Chemin.But making money - it's a team game.Human performance is limited, it can not be an expert in all areas.So, to attract more people to the project, asking their advice - worth.
Observe professionals.

Previous tip, of course, involves an appeal to the right advisers.But think of what to get the money all famous financial experts?Very often these tips consultants bring a lot of money ... but not you.So it makes sense to involve people even with less experience, but interested in the project, and not getting the cream with him.
Do not get into debt.

"People believe that being in debt to someone burdensome," - says Chemin.According to many, the credit card - it's evil, but things are very different.Duty calls us to discipline and correct distribution of the funds received.
Without a clear plan of action - anywhere.

Even if you have been in school in math Losers - remember one thing: there is a huge number of events with zero probability that they will occur.So, they happen all the time: everything in the business can stand on its head and back a hundred times an hour, so it is better prepared for anything, teaches Chemin.It is better if you have more than one backup plan, and with a dozen.It is also necessary that your master plan and was able to change dynamically.