To begin, find out which taxes Federal Service imputes to you to pay for the previous reporting period.To do this, set FTS convenient service, a link to the page which is located at the bottom of the article.
Click on the link to the "personal account of the taxpayer", which will open access to the right information.Cabinet is designed to inform individuals of the existing debt and help pay the accrued fees.
you confirm your consent to the processing of personal data, without which it is impossible to find personal information.To
do this, click "Yes, I agree."
How to pay
In the window that opens, fill in the active field.There will need to be sure to specify the name, taxpayer identification number (TIN).State registration will be billed automatically selected by the program previously entered INN.But you can add it manually by selecting from the dropdown list by name.Carefully write down the numbers from the picture in the active field to the next page.
How to pay
Click the "Taxpayer's office" and form of payment receipts outstanding debt.To do this, tick the desired line, choose the form of calculation of "cash" (non-cash is just getting ready), complete home address in the highlighted field for him.Click the "form".
How to pay
In the next window you will see ready to pay at any bank receipt generated in pdf.Click here for the "save" the file, if you want to view it later, or send an email, or just press the "print".
obtained a receipt can only be attributed to the nearest bank branch and pay.
How to pay