you need
  • plastic card, ATM, computer, internet, passbook, money, pen, an identity document, a mobile phone.
ATMs are available in almost every village.Make sure you have selected the ATM belongs to the bank, where you have got Dr. by ny by .With this device to replenish the balance in the personal account of E is possible if you keep money on a plastic card.Insert the card into the card reader, enter the PIN-code is issued to you in the envelope along with the banking card, or sent by mail.Select the ATM replenishment by and then making cash.Insert the amount of money for which you want to fill up your personal account , in terminal.Confirm the operation and get the check, which should be stored for as long as
the money does not arrive on your card.
With ATM, you can transfer funds from one card to another, but with the proviso that both cards belong to the same bank.After inserting the card and entering the PIN-code, choose the transfer of money.Type from the keyboard of the ATM bank card number, by which you wish to top up.Send money, confirm the operation and get the check.
Each bank has its own site on the Internet, go to the home page, register it.Write your passport details and the details of the card or passbook.Type mobile phone number, which will receive an SMS with a password.Enter it in the required field, then the operator will call the service desk, will clarify the necessary information and tell you how to identify.Activate "online bank", select Internet transfer.Write the number of pa by tion by and to which you want to transfer money.Type the amount of cash.Confirm the operation and the money will go to the front by , that you specified.
If you do not get along with a computer and an ATM, the most convenient way to top up the balance on the front by be a personal visit to a branch or head office of the bank.Express its request to put money on a plastic card or passbook bank employee.Present proof of identity, card details (number by and card number), if pa ny by by a bank card, passbook, money if you keep it on her.After verification of the documents submitted by a bank employee asks you to go to the cashier, where you pass a certain amount of the cashier.It will give you a receipt and asked to sign on the notice.Keep the receipt as long as the balance on the card or passbook is not filled up to the amount that you have made to the cashier of the bank.