receives dividends from shares.In this case, it all depends on ordinary or preference shares are in your hands.In the first case, the percentage of the profits of the enterprise may not be charged, as the owners of the company at the meeting are entitled to vote for the direction of development of the company's revenue.However, you can organize a meeting of shareholders, which will affect the payment of dividends.If you - the owner of the preferred shares, the interest you are charged on a mandatory basis of the capital reserve, but you agree not to engage in enterprise management.
Transfer impersonal actions rental investment or trust company.As a rule, the lease term is set at least a year, and its cost is 50% of the nominal amount of the se
curities.It is necessary to draw up a lease shares, which outlines the conditions, including the provision of a third party the right to vote.
sell shares.To do this, you can either find a buyer through announcements, or to participate in stock exchange trading.Announcements of sale-purchase of shares can be found online, in the newspaper or the bulletin board of the enterprise, the holder of the securities you are.This method is suitable for those who own enough shares in securities.Otherwise, the option is more profitable market.This profit can be obtained only if the liquidity of the shares that are subject to frequent operation of the sale.
use shares as collateral for the loan, or the payment for the goods.It is necessary to take into account that the shares are not considered to be credit institutions sufficient liquid assets, so their estimated value is very low.In this regard, small banks, which are solved in the design of such a loan.