Compose a letter to the head of the tax service, which was sent payment.The application must contain information on the payer: name, surname, patronymic, passport data, place of residence, contact telephone numbers;Data account in a bank, which will recover the amount of state fees charged;date, amount and number of the payment document on which payment was perfect.If payments are made legal entity, indicate the name of the company, registered address, VAT number and PPC code, which correspond to the constituent documents.
submit a letter on receipt to the office of the tax inspectorate.According to claim 3 of the Tax Code st.333.40 application must be filed within three years from the date of p
ayment of the registration fee excessive.If you need to compensate the full amount of the registration fee paid, then apply to the letter the original paid receipt.If you want to return only a part, is enough to make a photocopy.
When applying for an individual provide proof of identity.A legal entity is a document that confirms the authority of the director of the enterprise, as well as a representative of the power of attorney, certified by the signature and seal of the enterprise.The decision on compensation for the state duty shall be made within one month from the date of application, prepared a written report that is sent to the address specified in the application, and made the transfer of funds to your bank account in case of a positive decision or offset them against future registrations.
submit a written application to the economic court in the event that the tax authorities refused to refund you the overpaid state fee.Apply to the court you have the right within one year from the date of transfer of the state tax to the budget.The return of the amounts paid is happening on the basis of obtaining an order, decision or certificate from the Court, which noted the circumstances justifying full or partial reimbursement of the state duty.