One way to determine the size of the debt - to come personally to the tax office.But not any, but only the one that caters to your neighborhood and house, among others.If you currently need to have a document proving your identity.Normally, the tax asked to show their passport.After all the formalities are settled, ask questions skilled inspection.They will check its database and answer how much debt the state have accumulated.
One of the advantages of a personal visit of the tax is that you can take right there a receipt for paymen
t of existing indebtedness.
You can learn about the duty calls.Call your district office.The number can be found either in the address book or on the Internet.For information you need to introduce yourself, name your address, if different from the address of registration, and passport data.A minute later a specialist inspection will give you a comprehensive answer to your question.You will be left alone to go to the bank and pay the required amount.
Get all the information you can on the official website of the Federal Tax Service.Choose the section "E-services".Then click on the subcategory "Learn the debt."Next, enter your last name, first name, address, registration and tax identification number (TIN).The system will process your request and give you all necessary information.
no less popular in question to find information on tax debt and public services website.Select the appropriate section on the portal.Enter the information similar to that required on the website of the Tax Service, and then wait a couple of minutes.The answer to your query, you get a fairly complete and comprehensive.By the way, a receipt for payment of tax arrears, you can find right here.Print it and pay.