«optimal choice."This contribution, the main advantage of which is to increase the interest rate and the ability to replenish the cash or non-cash.Deposit term - 18 months, the first three months of the current interest rate of 10%, the next - 5%.Minimum deposit amount is 100 thousand. Rubles.
«maximum».The contribution of 8% per annum, the rate does not change throughout the entire period, which ranges from 3 months to 3 years.Minimum amount - 250 thousand rubles.The additional contribution of funds is not provided.
«Freedom of choice."This is a contribution that can be made into any of the three currencies: rubles or US dollars and the euro, the interest will be equal to 7%, 1.85%, 1.25% respectively.The minimum amount is directly dependent on the currency of 100 thousand rubles or 3 thousand dollars or euros.Possible inc
rease in paid interest at an annual rate of replenishment.You can select the amount of the contribution up to a day from 31 to 1830 days.
"Active".Minimum deposit amount is 100 thousand. Rubles or 3 thousand. Dollars or euros.Interest accrued on the deposit, the maximum amount which is 6.5% in rubles, 1.7 and 1.05 dollars to the euro, it is possible to recharge throughout the deposit period.A special condition is the possibility of reducing the minimum threshold.
first four options - a contribution which registration is only available in the office of the bank.Next, focus on those that do not require an office visit.
«Profitable - Cash Machine."This contribution is made through ATMs VTB.The maximum amount of 5 thousand. Rubles, or 200 dollars or euros.Interest at an annual rate are as follows: to 8.6% in rubles and in dollars or 1.1 evro.Srok from 3-13 months.Deposit account and debit transactions will not be tolerated.Interest is paid at the end of the deposit term and credited to his account.
«Trust - Telebank".Registration is done through the system "Telebank".You can use the interest and replenish the contribution throughout the period which may be from 6 months to 3 years.The system "Telebank" 24/7 working schedule.The interest rate is 6.75 percentage%, 1.8% - in dollars and 1.2% in euros.Minimum amount - 10 thousand. Rubles, or $ 500.The method and frequency of payment of interest on the deposit is determined by the design.
«Comfort - Telebank".Registration through the system "Telebank", which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The minimum amount of deposit - 50 thousand rubles. 3 thousand. Dollars or euros.The interest rate is 7% - in rubles, 1.8% - in dollars and 1.2% - in euros.Term of deposit from 6 months to 3 years.There are additional fees, the ability to select the method and frequency of payment of interest.
Article reflects favorable deposits VTB 24. The choice is only for the investor depending on the duration and the amount which he has.The main advantage of the bank is that all deposits are insured.