Write articles for which you will pay for a variety of possible sites.The easiest way to find the customer - to interview friends and acquaintances.If they are the owners of portals, corporate sites, business sites, blogs, then it is possible that they require the services of a copywriter.
Try to register for one or more stock exchanges freelancers.After specifying the personal data you get access to a list of proposals from customers.Carefully read the job and if you are sure you can cope with its implementation, report it to the customer.Typically, this is done by pressing the corresponding button.The first time will have to write a lot and get paid for their work is truly ridiculous money, but these orders will help you
to "fill the hand" to understand the specifics of writing articles for the internet and create a portfolio.The more quality text will be listed in your portfolio on the stock exchange, the more solid and well-paid orders you may qualify.
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On the Internet there are many exchanges of content.Each registered user can post articles written by him there, alone determine the price.From the number of sold items depends Author rating: the higher it is, the greater the value of a thousand characters of text.The disadvantage of this method of earnings is a long earning credibility.Laid article is not sold out immediately.They can lie on the stock exchange a few weeks before you interested in a particular buyer.In addition, withdraw money from the exchange of content, as a rule, can only reach a certain amount in the account.If you're not ready to write a lot and quality, and can issue only one article per month, a way to earn money on the internet with the help of texts you will not do.
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Another way to write for money - this co-operation with the sites, question and answer.An example of such a resource is register as an author, crank your blog and post articles written by you.Subject material depends on your personal preferences.For example, if you are a young mother who decided to earn extra money while on leave for child care, you can write about parenting, about goods for the little ones how to be beautiful, if there is no time to care for themselves.It is important to use only reliable sources of information and to write only about what you truly understand.Before writing the first article do not forget to read the instructions on writing and placement of materials.