Do not listen to the advice of mothers and grandmothers, "Let pokrichit.Do not come, do not let the chest.Cry - Calm down! "This is a very questionable way, as it may cause harm to the psyche of the child and cause serious neurological disease in the future.If the child is younger than a year, try to feed it tightly just before bedtime.Then most of the night his body will digest food.
If frequent waking the child at night due to the fact that he is teething, apply a special gel on the gums.It reduces itching and pain.
day Try to pay more attention to the child.Frequent waking at night can happen becau
se of the fact that during the day the baby is simply not enough of my mother, did not feel her presence.Therefore, whenever possible, carry the baby in his arms, touch him, talk.
If the child is older, he is already beginning to understand the words of an adult.Therefore, it can soothe and night without feeding.When he wakes up crying or just whine, try to talk to him in a low, gentle voice: "Hush, hush, I close, I'm with you, nothing to fear."Try ukachat without giving chest.As a rule, after a while it starts to operate, the baby less often requires chest and fall asleep faster.
is very important that a woman though sometimes substituted for her husband.After all, a child of this age wakes up, mainly not for feeding, but because it is something bothered.Dad can successfully replace mom, rocking the baby and singing him lullabies.A child quickly get used to that, you can go to sleep at night and without breast milk.But, of course, if the baby continues to cry hard, my mother would have to get up and feed him.
baby wakes up often at night, as in the phase of the surface of sleep did not feel the presence of the mother.Putting the baby to sleep, stay with him for at least 20-30 minutes and then quietly go away.In this case, the baby, feeling the presence of the mother, falls asleep stronger.
If you decide to wean your baby from night feedings , do it gradually, reducing the number of approaches to a minimum.A young child developed sucking reflex, so at night he can claim is the subject of sucking.Try to give him a pacifier, it may calm down and fall asleep.