Funds from store

antikomarinoy Today, manufacturers offer a variety of means of protection, including children.For example, sprays, lotions, creams, special wipes.Experts advise using them does not handle skin, clothes and curtains strollers.After returning home from a walk, be sure to change their clothes and wash his baby face and hands with soap and warm water.The huge minus the use of such funds - often in children allergic to chemicals appears.In addition, the poison for mosquito can get into the eyes and mouth toddler.

Not so long ago went on sale mosquito baby bracelets.Manufacturers assure they do not contain toxic substances and are safe even for infants.This bracelet worn on the arm or leg of
the child.You can also hang it over the bed, crumbs to protect against mosquito bites at home.

Folk remedies

has long been noted, some odors repel mosquitoes.For example, fear of these bloodsuckers aroma of citrus, lavender, geranium, clove, vanilla, eucalyptus.Here are a few popular recipes, how to protect the baby from insects.Plain vanilla pastry, mix with vegetable oil and baby cream.Before the walk, apply the mixture on clothing and exposed skin of the child.For children with very sensitive skin can use a tool: 50 milliliters of vegetable oil to take 30 drops of tea tree oil and 5 drops of clove.Keep the mixture better in a dark glass bottle and shake well before use.Also you can just put a couple of drops of one of the plant oils, hated mosquitoes, clothes and baby strollers.The main follow-being crumbs, sometimes natural odors cause allergies.

, among other things, going for a walk, it is worth remembering a few simple rules.To the mosquitoes could not get to the baby's skin, wear it so that arms and legs were closed.This clothing should not fit tightly to the body and to be too bright.Choose outfits for walks light colors, they attract less insects.Also, do not use cosmetics with a pungent odor.After all, if one smells repel mosquitoes, while others, on the contrary, they are attracted to.If

protect the child from the bite was not possible, treat the pimple green paint, alcohol solution, smelling salts, 30% hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.You can also make lotions from soda or salt - in a glass of cool water a teaspoon.Well helps relieve redness and itching from mosquito bites calendula tincture.Still it is possible to spread the bite of mint toothpaste.It is important not to give the baby to comb pimple sores that it does not become infected.