you need
  • some nail scissors with rounded ends, or tweezers, alcohol, Zelenka, bandage.
purchased in a pharmacy or shop for newborn special scissors with rounded tips or tweezers.It is desirable that they did not use other family members.After the purchase is necessary to sterilize scissors - lower blade for a few minutes in boiling water or wipe them with rubbing alcohol.
Prepare yourself - Wash your hands with soap and calmly proceed to the procedure.Do not get too excited, and that your concern will be transferred to the kid or so frightened him that he would follow haircuts fear.For the first time, you can trim the nails ba
by when he sleeps.This will give you time to carefully consider each finger, and overcome their fear.
Cut nails rounded on the handles of the child, and on the legs in a straight line.Do not cut very close to the skin.Just move your finger on the pad claw not to accidentally injure the delicate skin.
If it so happens that you hurt the baby finger, press a couple of minutes to the wound sterile bandage to stop the bleeding.Green paint or treat the wound with a solution of potassium permanganate.
When you do a manicure waking the baby, try it with something to distract.Book, cartoon, prancing around Dad - anything that the baby does not spit.Even if you do not have time to process all the nails, and the child is tired, you can always return to the procedure later.