First of all, do not be afraid to take child in his arms.This leads to stiffness and awkwardness of your movements, which can cause all sorts of child injury.Take it only with two hands, to provide full support and do not drop the baby.Do not make sudden movements with the child in her arms.
Take child in the prone position is not difficult, you need both hands to take his chest.Thumbs in front and the other to support the baby's back and head.You should not make any sudden movements, you have to do it quietly, but confidently.
Up to 3 months, the baby is best to keep in the air, as he has not yet developed the muscles of the neck, and he can
not keep your own head.At the same time, one hand holds the neck and head, and the other - the buttocks.This position allows the baby's good to see my mother and others.
From 3 to 6 months the best option - to keep the baby on her arm.In this case, a child rests her head on his shoulder parents forearm hand you hold kid's hand and wrist - the foot.
After 6 months you can take child in his arms, one hand holding his chest with his back to your baby's chest and the other hand clutching his thigh child .
to hand did not get tired, and you will thus have the opportunity to wear child for a long time, there is not a bad posture, which, moreover, allows the child to keep his head.This mother keeps the child arm, and the baby weight is more tolerated than the hands and on his thigh.
Holding the baby should change hands, is no stranger to grudnichok lie only on one side, to prevent curvature of the spine.By learning how to hold the baby breast- , it is possible to provide a comfortable and safe position, which does not cause pain or injury to the baby.Thus, the baby is comfortable and nice to know the world around him on the handles at any position.