Forget about haste.When handling an infant main rule should be leisurely.The child will be afraid of any sudden movements, so try not to cause him unnecessary stress.Raising a child with a crib, gently picks it up from the bottom.Please put your hands under the back and give him a couple of seconds to feel the new support.Likewise, putting the baby, do not release your hands off him, and give time for feelings cots.Do not pick up your child for a pen or armpits.
Keep the baby with confidence.Taking the baby in his arms, stick to the following position: the body of the child shall sit comfortably in the hand, the head rests on the inner side of the elb
ow of the same arm.Second hand hold his legs.Note that the head should be kept permanently.Newborns not able to hold it, and use the muscles to control their bodies.It is therefore important to keep them strong and confident.
hold the baby with one hand and can be.The main thing is that the baby feel comfortable, and you provide him full security.Use your free hand only when needed (during feeding or cooking) in all other cases still try to hold her his child.
There are several provisions of the child in the hands of mother.In addition to the above, you can keep it "column" - vertically, head on his shoulder.Slowly lift your baby, put her head on his shoulder, hold it with one hand along the neck, and the other - the lower part of the body.Hand holding the head, lying along the body and supports the spine.Another provision - in front of chest facing forward.Push back baby to his chest, holding his hand under the breast.Bend your legs and his other hand to hold his thigh.Do not put a newborn at hand - his body is not able to withstand the load.