you need
  • - disposable diapers;
  • - wet wipes;
  • - means for care of children's skin.
Check out the rules that must be observed when using disposable diapers.This will help avoid appearances on sensitive skin baby diaper rash, and rash.How often should I change diapers nursing baby, just know is not all young mothers, and it is not surprising that they are asking a lot of questions about it.
Change baby diapers immediately after a walk and before you put him to bed.If the baby somehow long defecate, replace diapers about every four hours.Some manufacturers claim that it is necessary to change diapers, and before eating and after eating, but not every family budget will withstand this load.Many babies have a habit of emptying the bowel as soon as go, but it is true
in all cases.Therefore there is a need to replace diapers after a meal, it is necessary to deal with parents.
immediately after birth and during the first month of life the child urinates about twenty times a day.Because of this need to change diapers frequently.For a while, we must try to maintain the baby without a diaper - for example, after being shot stained, do not rush to put on a new one.Air bath for fifteen minutes will be very helpful to the child.
running water to wash the baby after take off soiled diaper, clean the skin with the help of sanitary napkins.On the skin, apply baby cream or other means.In the summer, when the temperature rises above twenty degrees, change diapers often.Continue to use reusable diapers gauze, if the street heat.
Do not put too much on the baby clothes unnecessarily.Intertrigo in a baby skin often do not arise from the fact that a diaper on it, and because of the overabundance of warm clothes.