Before wean baby from mixture sure to consult your pediatrician.He will tell you whether your child is now refusing to mixture or still need to wait a bit.It all depends on the degree of physical and psychological development and emotional readiness of your child to the beginning of weaning.
Try to choose a favorable time for weaning from mixture .Do not forget that the baby at this time may erupt teeth, then his whims will be associated with poor health.Do not mix with the stresses of weaning like moving or visiting family the youngest child.
first time, replace th
e milk or a mixture of a variety of dairy products.Do not forget that the kid has their tastes and they do not always agree with your taste preferences.Give your child to make a choice from a variety of dairy products.Over time, you realize that your child like best.
Give your child water, fresh juices and fruit drinks.Diversify his power, then he will realize that there is something much tastier mixture .Every day your child cook new dishes to blend quickly bored him, and he rejected it.Enter in the diet of fruit his food.
Buy your child a special dish so that he could feed himself.This process will bring your child a lot of joy and positive emotions.
Remove all the bottles in the house away from the eyes of a child.Watch for yourself and do not drink from the bottle.Pour the liquid into a cup is always showing an example of her baby.Explain to him that from a mug to drink a lot tastier than from a bottle.If the child does not see the mug, then try to use sippy cups.Feed the baby before going to bed, then he will not wake up at night and ask the mixture.
Do not fall for the manipulation of various child - moods, cries, complaints.Be calm, patient and sure that you have all the necessary work.