first step is to download a one-time utility that will remove the virus.Many anti-virus programs miss it, so it is best suited free utility from Kaspersky Virus removal tool, which will eliminate your problem exactly.You can download it from the official site:
Click the link in the dialog box next to "Version 11", selectthe language that you want, and click "Upload."The program will directly downloaded on to your computer.
How to remove a virus
Run the installer you downloaded.Unlike previous versions, Virus Removal Tool 11 does not require special installation and restart the computer.The program will produce the desire
d action itself, you will only confirm that you accept the license agreement.
After the program finishes installing, it will start its own.Click "Start Scan".Test time and removal of viruses can be found to take up to several hours, depending on memory capacity and performance of the system.
How to remove a virus
After Virus Removal Tool will clean your computer from all infected files and manually remove the need to immediately download a permanent anti-virus program, for which it is not necessary to pay, and that does not require a long setup.One of the best and quality is a free program Avast!Download free-version from the official website:
Click on "Download" in the first column, entitled Ā«Free Antivirus".In the next window, click on the swim option "No, thanks, I prefer the free defense."In the next window that appears, click "Download now".After a few moments downloads the file.
How to remove a virus
Run the installer you downloaded.Follow the instructions to install the program on your computer.After successful installation of anti-virus software will ask to restart the computer.Click "Restart Now."
After restarting the computer, the program will start automatically, and will not allow viruses infecting your computer again.