you need
  • - computer;
  • - PDA.
Go to site HP, the section of Software and Drivers ( h_cc = ru & amp; h _... ), from there download the latest firmware for your model of PDA.Connect your PDA to your computer, connect it to the mains supply.Download and install Boot Loader, to implement re-flash the PDA ( ).Unpack the archive with the firmware in the folder with the program Boot Loader, disable all anti-virus programs and firewalls, disable the Internet.Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del, open the Task Manager.Go to the tab "Processes", right-click on the process of ActiveSync (wcescomm.exe), and then click "End Process."
Start your PDA into bootloader mode, for this purpose sim
ultaneously press the Contacts + Itask + Reset, wait a few seconds, the screen should appear logo HP, also at the top of the label may appear Serial.Insert the device into Usb-cradle connected to your computer, instead of the label will change Serial to USB.Next to flash the PDA, run from a computer file Bootloader.exe, Now you will see, in this window, open the file with the extension .nbf, (the folder with the firmware).Next, the program will conduct their own re-flash the PDA HP, wait 20-30 minutes completing transactions after the close all windows manually.Disconnect the CCP, repeatedly press a combination of buttons simultaneously Contacts + Itask + Reset, while the screen displays the operating system loading.
Sew PDA via a memory card by inserting the card into the card reader, run WinHex, open the firmware file, click "Next", run the following commands: Edit - Select All;Edit - Copy Block - Hex values;Tools - Disk Editor - Physical Media - select a card.Next, go to the top, set the following options: Edit - Clipboard Data - Write - Ok - Internal;File - Save Sectors - Yes - Ok.Recording starts at stake, then connect the power to the PDA, install the card, enter bootloader mode.CCP will request confirmation on the firmware, click Action.Wait for the process and restart the device.