Make sure you have removed is actually unnecessary files.Typically, first they are placed in temporary storage - Trash.There, they also take place , as well as on disk , so you should periodically clean the basket.
can perform file compression.Compressed files will be marked in blue, and the rest will not differ from the usual, but will take up less space.Compression can be done only on hard drives that are managed by the file system NTFS.In addition, it is not recommended to compress system files and folders, as for them the priority speed access to data.Moreover, the system files are frequently changed, then they are again compressed on the fly and thus increases fragmentation, which also affects the speed of the system as a whole.It is b
est to compress the image, audio and video files.
To compress a file or folder, click on the right mouse button and then click Properties.In the window that opens, click the General tab, and then click Other there.Next, put a tick and apply the necessary changes.Now all files are placed in this folder will be compressed.
also pay attention to the operating system temporary folder periodically remove files from them, there are stored programs, reports, temporary files, extracting archives and other time information.And it's not only the Temp folder at the root of the system drive.The temporary folder created by the applications in the user profile folder, they also need to view and clean.Clean the temporary folders browsers, they saved all the video, audio, and simple text files that you download when viewing Web pages.