For the accuracy of the system time and other important settings on your computer meets the separate chip, which needs constant nourishment.Typically, the computer switched on and off at a certain time.When enabled, the PC receives power from the network 220, and off from a small battery located on the motherboard.

small but important

When time gets off every time you turn on your computer and makes it haphazardly, most likely the battery on the motherboard needs to be replaced.Before that no harm will check the condition of the battery.To do this:

1. The computer must be turned off.

2. The power cord is disconnected from the system unit.

3. Remove the screws holding the side cover of the system unit.

4. Remove the cover.

5. Place the system unit on its side.

6. Find the battery on the motherboard itself.

7. Use a screwdriver to gently bend the bracket and pull the element out of the slot.

8. Using a voltmeter, check the voltage.Normally it is 3B.

If the readings are far from normal, it is time to go to the nearest computer store.And there is a consultant to help you choose the right item or take the old battery with it and find its counterpart.

When it is not in the battery

problems with battery the most common but not the only possible reason for the failure of the system time.There may be more.If, after checking a voltmeter everything was normal, it should pay attention to the following points:

1. Wrong time zone is exposed.If the user lives in the same time zone, and on the PC specified, the system will constantly correcting the time that it sees fit.

2. Software knocks time.Some programs have their own settings for time.When you start they set up the computer to fit your needs, and as a result suffers from a user.If you carefully observe the behavior of installed software when you start it, you can find the problem and fix it.

3. Viruses.Practice shows that this option does not take the very first place among the possible causes of failure of the system time, but it should not be ruled out.All the logical drives it is necessary to check for malware, and enter it into a habit and do on a regular basis.

If you closely monitor any changes in the operating system, the user will not have problems with chronological accuracy.