you need
  • Phillips screwdriver, components for the system unit.
Explore the motherboard manual.Depending on the manufacturer and brand of the motherboard, they have their own design features that must be considered.The assembly, start with the motherboard.
Install the processor into the socket (socket).This should be done without effort.It is important to properly orient the nest relative to the processor.Snap the retention mechanism.Apply a
thin layer of thermal paste on the surface of the processor.
Fasten the cooler (cooler - radiator with a fan to cool the CPU) processor.Connect the power cable of the cooler to the appropriate connector on the motherboard.
Install RAM in the sockets.Bracket RAM keep the edges and avoid touching the contacts.When installing, make sure that the grooves strips and socket aligned and press the edge of the plate.Clip attachment mechanisms.
Remove the side panels from the case computer , lay it on its side.Set the plate in the housing with slots for port motherboard, given the location of the ports on the motherboard.Install the motherboard to the bar mounting feet, tighten the mounting bolts.
Replace the hard drive to the basket, screw it, if there is no latch in the basket.
Install the optical drive.First it is necessary to remove the front panel with the body and break down at the installation location the metal plate.Fasten the drive with screws on both sides.
If you have an expansion card: sound card, video card, or other, install them in their respective connectors.
Connect the buttons and speaker (speaker) on the front panel.Locate the wire with inscriptions: hdd led, power sw, reset sw, power led, speaker, and connect them with the correct connectors on the motherboard.
Connect the front USB output wires labeled USB.Connect the front headphone and microphone cable with the word audio.
Connect the lead from the power supply to the hard drive and the SATA data wire (one end into the connector on the system board sata1, another hard drive in the socket).
Connect this way optical drive and floppy drive.
Connect the cables from the power supply to the motherboard.