If you already have a solid level of training and immediately threaten to serious training, go to the Film Institute.Just start with the courses at the Institute.There is a trend which is called "Courses for the development of professional applications," where the audience is invited to get an education in "Photographer".But despite the seriousness of the institution, here you will be given a certificate of attendance, which is not indicative of the formation.It may be just some extra points if you are thinking to enter the Film Institute, Faculty kinooperatorsky where, including, there is a course on photography.
Non-state higher education instituti
ons are trying to keep pace with demand for jobs, which means that the desired look for the faculty at them.For example, the Institute of Humanitarian Education and Information Technology has a Faculty.It separately Disciplines - photographic art, which is taught for 4 years full-time, evening and correspondence courses, and 3 years for those who received the second higher education.If so much time to spend on studying the photos you do not want to go to college at the Institute, where there is also a Department of Photography.
If you have a university degree and want to retrain or get a new profession, zamahnites photojournalist in the faculty of Moscow State University.Lomonosov.For two semesters you will get a real master class from the guru of modern photography and learn not only to take pictures, but learn the whole process of pre-press in the media that will give you the opportunity to work Bild editor.Teaching on the course is paid.
For those who are not intended to operate in this area, and just want to learn how to professionally photograph, do better at photography courses.Conveniently such training so that the course in terms of gaining experience of the audience.Let's say you need to learn how to shoot SLR camera, or you are interested in the secrets of the studio filming, or do you make your first steps in photography - all the nuances and wishes will be taken into account.