At day 24 hours.8:00 goes to sleep.All the other 16 hours in your own possession.Only you can decide for yourself how well you want to use this time.

planning time

To properly determine the time for a particular job, you have to find those time intervals when the work will be more productive.This will help save time for other things.Thus, you can carry several times more jobs over the same time period.

1. Part of the homework is best done in the morning, as the morning brain activity efficient at 2 times the day.This means that early morning hour is equal to two hours of daily work.Therefore, the two hours = four hours.Performing certain tasks in the m

orning, you can not only save a lot of time, but also to refresh the job in memory immediately before the lessons.

2. Use a timer, combining work and leisure.It is recommended to combine the 40 minutes of work and rest for 10 minutes or 1 hour and 15 minutes of rest.And the rest of the work should involve a short nap, meditation or listening to classical music.It is not recommended to use during the holiday gadgets, play games, watch TV.From the rest of the lost motivation to learn and there is a state of fatigue and unwillingness to perceive the new material.

3. Limit your activities in social networks.You can select only a few small time intervals in a day to do so.For example, you can check sots.seti twice a day for 15 minutes.

4. Try to combine different types of activities.For example, the history of school hours, and then rest and hour lessons in mathematics.This alternation will allow you to improve efficiency.

5. If you spend much time on the road, then you should think of a way to spend it usefully.Read books, while in transport, or listen to audio lectures.This is another plus to the overall productivity of your day.

6. Turn off the TV.See only important programs.In no case do not replace time that would leave for self-improvement, watching TV.

7. Do not scold yourself for bad things.Try to find another way to deal with these challenges.Ask for help from your teachers or tutors.Never leave the issue unresolved until the end.

8. Do not take on many responsibilities.Spend more time that you really interesting and what is relevant to you in the future.

9. Use a short nap.Not more than 40 minutes.After a short sleep your brain will work more productively.

10. Reward yourself for success, constantly looking for motivation.Lack of motivation and incentives - these are the main constraints of your activity.Read more inspiring articles, biographies of great personalities and other materials that encourage you to perform a particular job.

This is the basis which must be taken into account when planning educational activities.Combining their individual characteristics with those advisory councils, you will be able to organize their work in a more productive way and achieve great success in their studies.