types of memory

vast number of people who want to remember the information, try to use visual, motor and auditory memory variations.Someone to quickly memorize the text must always run at him through the eyes, the latter are receptive material only after listening, and still others the easiest way to learn new words only after autographic rewriting or retyping them.

Scientists say that kinesthetic memory facilitates rapid memorization of the material only when the person performs all self-described manipulation.

can apply another option fast memory, called a figurative or associative thinking.This method is based on the fact that you want to create in your mind an image of what you
need to remember and to associate it with the associations with the text or words.

Thinking images

pretty hard to quickly assimilate new abstract values.To facilitate this process you must learn to associate words with visual images.Especially this method is effective in the study of foreign words.There the similarity of pronunciation helps to quickly memorize whole sentences.In addition, an invaluable service for the learning of new foreign words can bring elementary audio player.Without looking up from the cases, while in the subway car, should always listen to lyrics, because - the human brain at the time and missed calls "food", quite easy to memorize information.

Fast learning

to quickly learn the words, there are many recommendations that can bring real help, provided they comply.

1. Be sure to tune in to a success, believe in yourself.Without it, you can not begin to learn new information.
2. In order to better remember the words of the text should be allocated, to emphasize and think of these proposals.
3. During the training it is best to take 30 minutes of the learning process, and on 10 minutes to take a break.
4. To study the words best suited cards with drawings and a motto: "Can you imagine - blurts - portrayed."
5. Without regular, healthy and sound sleep is no learning process is impossible.
6. New words better to say: the first time - just the second time in an hour, the third - after morning awakening.
7. You can make links from words.For example: a plate-glass-food.Keep track of the time 6-8 new words.
8. The easiest way is deposited in the brain information read just before bedtime.