school grounds must be fenced.The fence may be of a symbolic nature, but should have a perfect view.You must have a normal playground, suitable for conducting physical education lessons in the open air, and for leisure activities.In the case, if this is not possible, it is advisable to arrange a separate park and sports field.School grounds must contain a large amount of green space - a positive impact on the appearance and the school as a whole will help to improve the environmental situation in its territory.Naturally, this area should be in perfect order and cleaned periodically.
interior of the school must be done in a single color and keep warm color shades.For primary school recommended painting the walls in the same warm colors, and for
senior and middle classes - cold, for example, blue-gray tone.This is due to the fact that the senior and middle classes have to puberty teen and you want to use colors that are least contribute to the emotional activity.The best option for the floor, despite the wounded is linoleum - it is less than travmoopasen with boards floor easier to clean and is replaced in case of damage.
To improve the aesthetic appearance of the school is recommended to use a large number of flowers in pots, placed on the walls.The only condition - the flowers should be placed high.
windows in the school should be as large as possible, with a minimum recess in the wall.The best is to use plastic windows that open for ventilation only - it will reduce the risk of accidents, also much simplify the process of ventilation.Despite the seeming ease, windowsills cause more trouble than good, so they are also desirable to give up.
doors in the school premises should be made of wood, varnished or painted in the color of the overall scheme.When using paint preference should be given a matte colors - they are less easily soiled and more pleasing to the human eye.Hands should be made of metal and have a size as small as possible.Optimal use knobs to twist mechanism.