Before looking for an employee to this position, you should consider: on what terms a decent, neat and binding people agree to perform such work for a small fee.

working conditions

Most likely, such a man would be the one for whom the work of cleaners will not be the primary, but will serve as a good way to add a little more money to the basic income.

means that prospective candidates must either have somewhere to work, or to have another stable source of income.But such people, as a rule, can not devote full time job cleaners.Uncomfortable for the majority and will work in the daytime.Therefore, it is necessary to propose a schedule to cleaner cope with its responsibilities for a
few hours, for example, in the evening, when the office workers complete work day or in the morning before the start of the main activities of the office time.

Conveniently, such employee will live or work near the office that you need to clean up - he did not need to spend extra money and time on the road, and the work will be more attractive for him.

Clearly defined job responsibilities, preferably in writing, will also help to avoid misunderstandings and mutual claims.The phrase "Get out, where dirty" does not fit categorically the notion of "dirty" people are different.

selection of candidates

The best option would be if someone from your office workers want to take responsibility for cleaning.The undoubted advantage is that it is already known in the collective man, a proven and reliable.This eliminates the likelihood that the cleaner will do the wrong thing (bring confusion in the documents, ruin equipment and so on.).Incidentally, absenteeism and theft in the workplace will also be deleted.

If this is not an option, perhaps one of the office workers will remember their relatives or friends in need of money.This can be a female pensioner, responsible and full of strength and health, a young mother on maternity leave, a student or even a high school student.Typically, these people do not want to bring those who recommend and will approach their duties responsibly.

If these candidates are not there, you can try to find the worker through the ad.A good option is to post a message directly to the office, and within walking distance of it.The ads will be more complete, the more likely clipping "incompetent" candidates at the outset.But even the impeccably well-written ads does not guarantee that will soon find the right person.You may have to take a risk by adopting cleaner to begin with a trial period.