Correct formulation of innovation, coordination of changes to the workers council and approval of management.
originally adopted when creating rules for the organization of labor regulations must be approved by the director's signature in the upper corner of the cover sheet, the publication of additional orders is not required.By developing the right to involve representatives of the workers council, or the finished project is coordinated rules immediately prior approval of the Director.
The competence of the workers council is holding negotiations with the aim of initiating changes to the work schedule.That is the
ir own to make any changes Council is not entitled to, but it may put forward the demand to the employer, who must take into account the opinion of workers in approving changes to the rules of labor regulations .
To make changes to approved rules, it is necessary to formulate the additions and changes , which will be incorporated into the basic text in a separate document.Then agree on innovations with the Council and to issue an order or an order on introduction of changes to the rules in effect.
Another way to make changes - to adopt the new rules in a different wording.In that case, get a new document with all the innovations.But then you need to issue an order to abolish the previous rules and regulations on the adoption of the new rules of the labor regulations .
Adoption of the rules from the date of their adoption come into force, or as specified in the regulations coming into force, and then the day specified in the order.Often changes in the rules come into force some time after the approval of the leadership.During this time may well happen any changes in legislation that may conflict with the changed rules of the labor regulations .It is therefore necessary to provide for such a time and include changes paragraph stating that if the adopted rules in conflict with the law, it should be applied, legislation before the adoption of the new rules of the labor regulations , any new changes to them.