foreigner temporarily residing in Russia.A potential employee is required to provide proof of a temporary residence permit.This document, according to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia from 14.03.2003 is issued for three years in the Russian Federal Migration Service.This can be separately issued document or mark in the passport of a foreign citizen.This authorization gives the right to work only in the region where they are allowed to live.
foreigner permanently residing in Russia.The first document - the residence permit.This document entitles the foreign national free exit and entry into the Russian Federation, the right to
permanent residence.To obtain this document, you need to live at least one year on the basis of temporary residence.A residence permit issued to a foreign citizen for five years.
foreigner temporarily staying in Russia.If a person arrives in Russia on the basis of a visa, it is necessary in the Russian Federal Migration Service to receive a migration card is the main document.It provides information about the citizen, term (control) and gives the right to temporary residence.
number of foreign nationals with the countries which signed the agreement on visa-free crossing of the Russian border, permission to employ foreign labor force is not required.
For foreign citizens visa regime with the following documents:
- opinion on the appropriateness of the use of foreign workers (issued by the State Employment Service);
- permission to hire a foreign citizen (issued by the Federal Migration Service within 10 working days);
- permission to work (issued by the Federal Migration Service in limited quantities within the quota).
Do not forget to get all the documents with the Employment Service, Federal Migration Service, you must pay a lot of receipts (from $ 100 and up), give a lot of references (from the state of health of the citizen) and to defend not in one line.Be sure to analyze the profitability of your plan.