Ideally, the company that is running the "iron" discipline all employees strictly and accurately comply with the order, the operating mode and the rules established by the laws, regulations and bylaws, regulations, instructions and orders of the organization,and strictly comply with the orders of leaders.It is clear that this discipline is not common even in the army.But as far as it is necessary and what is needed?

Discipline is designed to ensure the unity and continuity in the work and processes that affect the quality of products and services.This discipline makes manufacturing employee behavior predictable, amenable to planning and forecasting.This allows for interaction are only at the level of ordinary performers,
but also between the divisions of the enterprise as a whole.It affects the efficiency of labor, and, consequently, its quantitative and qualitative indicators.

There are objective and subjective aspects of the discipline.The objective is reflected in the system of established norms and rules, which operates in the enterprise.Subjective represent the desire of each employee to perform them.Task management - to create such conditions in the company, when the demands of the discipline would put above the interests of individual members of the workforce.In this case, there is no need to implement control functions and constraints on the part of leadership - he mobilized a team to combat mismanagement, bureaucracy, absenteeism and other phenomena that prevent normal operation.

should not be expected from the implementation of the rules of discipline of employees when the company management itself constantly violate it unduly involving them in an emergency and non-routine work, after hours and on weekends.In this case, employees will rightly assume that labor discipline in a normal working day can be disturbed because they work outside normal working hours.If you are - a manager, start to fulfill the requirements of discipline with yourself.Only in this case, you can claim it from his subordinates and avoid sabotage.