you need
  • - several telephones;
  • - computer.
First, find out what benefits you will monitor.It is not necessary to collect data, if the results will be just cleared the table.Do it only if the company is ready for a change, and there are opportunities.
Make a list of the competition, which will be monitored.The larger it is, the more useful will the collected information.Do not be limited to one or two graphs.Of course, it is necessary to analyze only those organizations that are at the same level of development with you.
Make a table into which data will be
entered.Columns should contain all necessary information, date, cost, options and other products sold.To identify all the changes recommended to be monitored every 2-3 months.Make changes in work organization need only after receiving the information over several periods.If you learn that one of the competitors of dumping, do not hurry to cut the price, too.Perhaps this is a temporary measure, to which the organization has gone because of any problems.
to monitor better to use phones that have no relevance to your organization.If competitors will learn about the actions made by you, they will try to give you false information.If you need a number of indicators from each organization, it is better to use different phone numbers.Otherwise it will be very suspicious if you call one person and start asking a lot of questions.The course traversed shares should be only a few employees, in order to prevent information leakage.
Use multiple phone numbers
Select an artist who will monitor.It should be a responsible and meticulous people.Some employees may come to the assigned work is not very responsible and bring to the table the old or approximate figures.
employee must methodically to ring all the selected organization and make conversation with people who have information.These data must be entered into the table.At the end of the monitoring it should not remain an empty graph.After all, on the basis of this information, decisions will be made on the reforms of the company.