get to the table ranking can be absolutely any phenomena, objects or even individual.Most often this media characters, famous people with a "star" status.But the most common is now the ranking of sites and their content in a search engine.This area attracts a growing number of people.
If you are interested in the Internet space, and you already have your own website where you can make money, then you fit to think about registering a business - offspring in the rankings.The scheme is simple: the higher your website ranking in the table, the more likely it is that a user will visit your site.A drip on attendance and money
and points for further progress in the ranking.Also rated much easier than, for example, registration in any directory.
So just register in the ranking of your site and you immediately ENTERED protocols.Rating calculation in this case is the number of visitors to your site.So first you need to follow a simple rule: as long as your site will not become popular, and his attendance is not equal to 500 - 1000 people a day, it is better to join in an obscure ranking.But when the traffic increase, the income and leading position will bring the already popular and big ratings.
Here's a list of some of the largest rating - systems: Rambler Top100, TopList, 1000 Stars, One.Ru.This Russian-language ratings.In these systems, you do not have anything to count himself, the entire process is automated.You can read its data, and the position of the day, the week, and any other statistical data provided by rating.
Well, if you are interested only in the statistics, which provide such ratings, then you will be easier to put a simple counter, unrated, but it will record all that you need statistics: the number of views a certain article to an amountvisitors per hour, day, etc.