Tip 1: How to make a presentation

Conducting presentations allows to introduce potential customers, investors and employees of the company with a variety of information and offers related to your company.As a rule, the presentation includes two components: visual aids, and the performance itself.And from that, and the other depends on its success.
Ask objectives for future presentations.You must have a good idea of ​​what will be the performance.Generally, the presentation is needed in order to familiarize the audience with the new direction of development of your company, to report on the output of the product, talk about the progress of the project and maintain the image of the organization.Depending on the tasks, determined by the style and character of the presentation.
Identify the target audience.From someone who will sit in the audience must depend on the supply of presentation: the manner of your speech, audiovisual material, time and place of the meeting.In preparing the presentation, consider the leve
l of education, and invited them.
Highlight the main idea of ​​your speech.It is important to interest the audience.You must have built a clear plan of performances, and it should take into account the technical part (slides, graphics, images), and your speech.
Prepare visual materials.Depending on the purpose of the presentation, you can use all sorts of tables, diagrams and photographs.As a rule, they are necessary in order to make the presentation more interesting and memorable.Moreover, this addition will reinforce your words, show a guest performance of the organization or, on the contrary, the prospects for its further development.
presentation can not take place without leading.If you feel uncomfortable in public, give this thing a confident person with excellent diction.If problems with the performance before an audience you do not have to do everything possible to interest her in the course of the meeting.Try to conduct a dialogue, ask rhetorical questions.And then your presentation will be held at the highest level.

Tip 2: How to create a presentation in Word

Today it is hard to imagine a modern lesson without the use of informative and communication technology and computer training facilities as visibility at every stage of employment.One of these manuals is the presentation.
How to create a presentation in Word
you need
  • - a personal computer;
  • - application Microsoft Word;
  • - Microsoft PowerPoint is from Microsoft Office;
  • - software ABBYY FineReader.
Make a presentation is easy.The main thing to work - to determine its topic, pick up the textual content (it can be dialed in a separate text document) and illustrations.When all the components of the presentation will be prepared, proceed to its creation.To do this, you need the tools Microsoft Office - PowerPoint or Word.In the latter application, by the way, you can make a good presentation with animation, images, footnotes and inscriptions.
to work in Word, create a "Document Microsoft Word», open it and add text.You can dial in the course of creating a presentation, or by copying from another document, to insert into the project.Place the text on the page using the tab, add drop caps, a variety of fonts, color.
As should be added to the document images, graphics and pictures.To do this, use the "Copy» (Ctrl + Ins), «Insert» (Shift + Ins), «cut» (Shift + Del).Place pictures on the page, pre-selecting the "File" menu item "Page Setup" and specifying their orientation: portrait or landscape.Make a footnote to images and signatures.To do this, use the drawing modes and AutoShapes.
To set the image size, click on the right mouse button and locate the option "Format Picture", where you can customize the size, color, opacity, position in the text.In the "Format" menu complete your background, shading and borders page.Also, as a background image can be used on any suitable image.Put it on the back burner, set the percentage of transparency, and save your changes.
Do yourself a basic figures, superimposing on the image layer by layer.Looks great on the page and objects Word Art.Add them from the "Insert" or request Press on the corresponding icon on the drawing toolbar.
Additionally, in Word it is possible to make the text elementary animation.Highlight the desired fragment, select the "Format" menu and go to the "Font".In the next window click "Animation" and check the appropriate option in the list.
When your material is ready, save it (for this, select the "Save As") in one of the possible formats: XML-document, web page, the web page in a single file, the webpage or any other filter.
to convert a presentation from Word to PowerPoint print created and saved in doc.paper, preferably on a color printer.Then, use the ABBYY FineReader, with which scan the document, the page will recognize it and give them a presentation PowerPoint.The rest of the program will work on their own.You also only need to save a presentation and set it animation and other parameters.
Bright, colorful and functional presentation obtained in the application Microsoft PowerPoint.To use it, launch the program and select "File" menu select "Create» (Ctrl + N).Then go to the options "Page Setup" and select the size of the slide, their orientation and method of placement of text and notes.
toolbar, select the "New Slide" and click on it so many times, how many pages you need for your project.If the number of slides is not sufficient, you can always add additional pages.
In the "Slide Design" select the layout design (background) layout.For each slide, they may be individual.To apply the appropriate changes to the slides, select the pages you want and click on the desired design or pattern.In the course of registration, you can edit the presentation slides, and add additional elements.
To accommodate the material to click on each of the layout of the page and enter the data.While editing, use the "Copy", "Cut", "Paste", etc.In a similar way to add images to the project.If required, for registration of pages, select the font size and color, background, fill color, etc.
In the "Slide Show" to adjust the duration of the slide, the animation effects used.When all the changes are made, save the presentation on a computer disk or removable media.
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