After a trip to another city worker shall submit to the accounting department all travel documents.The dates shown on the ticket (day of arrival and day of departure), are considered for a full day.Even if he went on a business trip at 23:55 on Monday and arrived at 0:05 on Friday and Monday, and Friday will be counted and the employee will receive a subsistence allowance for 5 days.
Daily, not taxable personal income tax - 100 rubles.But usually the employer from the profit organizations increase their size, unless, of course, care about their employee and the prestige of the firm.In addition, for all the time spent on a trip, the employee will be saved and the average salary, calculated over the past 12 months before the trip.
If the date of departure and arrival coincide wi
th weekends and holidays, it is in accordance with the employment contract, the employee is given a day off, or these days are charged as overtime.
If an employee is ill while on a business trip, he only paid the money for sick leave.Daily over a period of illness he gets.
When calculating the travel days to be taken into account and a regular schedule of the employee.So if it works 3 days a week (for example, from Tuesday to Thursday), daily allowances for Friday, it will not be paid, unless otherwise provided in the employment or collective agreement.
employee is entitled to compensation and expenses related to the business trip (accommodation, travel in taxis and public transport in another city).For this he is also required to submit all documents to the accounting department (tickets, receipts from taxi drivers, hotel manager or landlord).
If an employee of a need was leaving on a business trip abroad, that in Russia it will be charged per diem in rubles, and after crossing the border (of the marks in the passport) - in foreign currency of the country where itsent.