you need
  • - orders;
  • - logbook;
  • - User HR outsourcing;
  • - 2 or 3 folder.
Registration Form orders are not strictly regulated by law.There is a typical instruction Rosarkhiv published November 27, 2000, which states that the numbering of orders on staff and operating activities must be conducted separately within the calendar year.If you are working in a small company where the secretary performs clerical work - Head 3 folder and 3 log.
Make a manual record keeping.It may consist of only a few points.Specify which orders be kept for 5 years, and what - 75. Write what arrays are divided orders for your busines
s and how you chose to designate.Orders from operating activities are usually numbered serial number, and the staff - numbers and letters.For example, the number may look like "Order №2 -n / s" or "Order №2-to."For documents with different storage periods come up with different designations.For example, short-term can be marked as personnel and lengthy - both on staff.
Divide orders Human Resources in 2 parts of the retention period.Documents for the next or study leave, short trip, incentives and disciplinary penalties are stored for 5 years.Orders on hiring, transfer, dismissal, long trips and long vacations hem to another folder.On the covers of folders write the folders and storage period.Orders for core activities separately hem
in the majors orders make out the different services.Documentation on the main activity, as a rule, is the secretary, and to the personnel - the personnel department.Accordingly, each with its own folder and its accounting books.Skilled human resources enough to have 2 books and 2 folders section of the document on the shelf life.However, when a very large document management is often shared folder for each type of orders.If you have the company adopted separate storage system - still number the orders order within the total array and record them in a journal.
Orders for core activities may relate not only to the whole company, but individual units.Develop code for each department or office.This may be a letter or number.Do not forget that the designation orders on core activities must be different from that adopted in the HR outsourcing your company.Numbering in this case comes within the general area "main activity".