you need
  • - contract;
  • - documents employee.
If you need to take a temporary employee to perform a one-time or seasonal work and this unit employee not available in the state, you have the right to enter into any of these types of contract.
In accordance with article №59 of the Labour Code, a temporary contract can be concluded with any category of staff, if you understand this article, literally, it means that freelance and temporary workers can be issued for this type of contract.
To make any kind of contract you will need to examine the documents received employee , with the qualifications necessary to perform their assigned type of work.Fixed-term employment contract can be concluded for a period of two months to 5 years.The employment relationship will
expire after the end of the term specified in a document or on completion of the work volume.
Make an agreement in duplicate indicating all working conditions, pay, working time, time for remuneration for the work entrusted to the amount trusted.Agreement - a bilateral agreement, the employer must sign it and adopted by the temporary employee works.
Another alternative design freelance employee - this is the conclusion of contract or civil contract.At the conclusion of a bilateral contract specify all the conditions of the job, the timing, the amount of work assigned, the amount of fees and payment periods.
Similarly, is a civil contract.Since the state of the unit received employee not, consequently, with the staffing performance of a particular type of work, you can not introduce it.Therefore, all conditions must be detailed on the items specified in the concluded contract.
Any freelance worker you can take in the state, if there are empty seats.In this case, you will need to issue an employment contract indefinitely.