All work relating to the transfer of the archive documents, including paper personnel, can be subdivided into the following stages: - first of all necessary to the formation of the documents in the current production and after it;
- after the formation of cases they have to be issued in accordance with all the established rules;
- then appraised value and prepare for archiving;
- Spend an inventory of all documents transmitted to the archive of the organization;
- the last stage make the transfer official documents in the archives of the organization.
You must first carry out the correct formation of the documents rela
ting to personnel in certain systems, that is the case.The special folders should form the official papers such as orders for the various aspects of the activities of employees, personnel who have different time frames allocated to store them.This step must be performed, because some of the orders that relate to personnel, dedicated exclusively to real issues affecting the workplace, as well as staff bonuses and moving on the job title.This kind of issue should be kept in the archive of the enterprise is not less than seventy-five years.At the same time, the largest share of orders that relate to the composition of the personnel reflects the operational issues of the company's employees: orders on business trips, on duty, holidays and so on.Such documents should be kept for five years.For convenience and ease of searching in different cases should be formed of paper of five years and seventy-five years.
necessary to properly form the personal accounts of employees of the company and all employees, that relate to the data on wages in strict alphabetical order.All papers in personal folders should be placed only in the chronological order of the date of their receipt.It is also necessary for all papers in the folder, create an archive list, which includes such details as: - the name of the paper;
- serial number of the securities included in the inventory;
- the number of sheets in the document;
- date and number of the document (if necessary);
- final record of the number of sheets included in a personal matter;
- note.