Even if your company does not conduct any financial transactions in the period for which you must report, to submit the reports still have.You must provide a report to the Pension Fund.Served document not later than the twentieth day of the month following the reporting period.It also provides a report at the end of the year.If your company has a staff of employees, the report must be submitted before March 30, when the individual is accountable before Makers , the report is submitted before March 1.Before you send a report to the Pension Fund, you must get a mark of tax inspection that they, too, received such documents.Every year it is necessary to pass a declaration to the tax office for the tax, which is paid in connection with the use of a simplified tax system.Organizations must submit the declaration before March
31, entrepreneurs - until 30 April.On personal income declaration is submitted to the tax office no later than 30 April of the following year.Before you start filling in the book of income and expense, it is necessary to assure the tax office.When you create or reorganize the company, before the 20th day following the month of the event must be submitted to the tax office data on the average number at the end of last year.Information about the individual retirement insurance records submitted to the Pension Fund before 1 March next year.Serve these reports only those companies, which employ staff.There are cases that the organizations in which entrepreneurs and companies are required to submit all the necessary reports, take the letter that the company's activity was not carried out, the funds were not spent.But it should be specified individually.It is possible that some organizations will ask you to write a statement on the fact of not doing business.These letters must provide with zero accountability.