Tip 1: How to calculate the intensity of labor

intensity labor - is the energy that employees spend per unit of time.The calculation of the intensity produced by long-term average performance analysis.This function should be assigned to the department of work measurement.
you need
  • Calculator.
Expect the intensity of labor according to the formula D = K / V, where - is the intensity of labor, K - the number of manufactured products, in - time for which issued a certain number of products.
To avoid mistakes in calculations, quantity surveyor is obliged to analyze the amount of output for a certain amount of time.The most accurate results will be a general analysis of the products group of employees who are engaged in the same work and have the same qualifications.
To calculate the average daily rate must be estimated long period.The average value of the intensity of more accurate in determining the daily average of 12 months.To calculate fold the total number of products released for 12 months, divide by t
he number of hours for which this product was manufactured.You get the intensity of labor per employee per hour of work.This figure is equal to one, which corresponds to the normal intensity of labor.
intensity calculated by the transfer of all employees with a fixed wage labor from working out, as well as conditions change incentive payments.
calculation of the intensity of labor for one employee leads to inaccurate results, since it is impossible to transfer all employees with the same qualifications and working in the same production conditions, on the development of single results.Only averages can be used to calculate the normal intensity of labor.
intensity of labor, which is less than the calculated one, is considered to be low, over the unit - increased.Depending on this, you can add the item to the position of the bonuses, which will regulate the payment of an incentive nature.

Tip 2: How to calculate the time-consuming work

In preparing the production plan of the enterprise, the organization of an important point is to calculate the complexity of the planned activities.This ratio is calculated for the analysis of the actual productivity of workers.The complexity characterizes the labor input of workers per 1 ruble of the value of production.
How to calculate the volume of work involved
you need
  • formula to calculate the complexity:
  • Tr = CZK / C where
  • Tr - complexity, chel.chas / RUB.
  • CZK - the general fund of working time, chel.chas,
  • C - volume of production, rbl.
Count the total number of actual time spent main working for the reporting month.To calculate the actual production time can be used for its primary accounting documents (attendance records of working time for production departments or divisions).Calculate the total amount of man-hours per month basic operating these sites.
Determine the value of products produced for a month now.The arrival of the finished product for planning and accounting prices count by the accounting data.Next, divide the actual working time fund basic working man-hours on the value of output.The resulting figure will be a factor of the complexity of production.The same principle is calculated planned labor intensity of production (used to calculate estimates of the number of planned production time and volume of the finished product), the complexity of a particular type of product, process time-consuming.
Analyze the results.The lower the complexity of the work , the higher the productivity of workers.Check out how to perform the production plan for the production of products, identify deviations from targets.Consider the effect of individual factors on the growth or decline in productivity at your company (quality of raw materials, semi-qualified workers, etc.).Make the necessary conclusions.
Reduced labor intensity results in a saving of labor costs, which ultimately reduces production costs and increases the profits of the enterprise.
Helpful Hint
introduction of modern technologies, improvement of labor organization, the use in the production of high-quality raw materials, use of modern equipment helps to increase the volume of production and reduction of its complexity.
  • analysis of the complexity of products
  • how to calculate working time fund