you need
  • - keeping products;
  • - Calculator.
to determine production quotas you have to calculate the product change or teams of employees who work in the same conditions on the same mechanisms.For this quantity surveyor must ensure the work of all employees, record the results of development of one month, add up the results to determine the total output.The resulting figure, divide by the number of working days and the number of workers who manufacture products.You will receive the average daily rate , which should produce a working throughout the day.
To calculate the rate of one hour, divide the total figures for the month on the number of workers who produced goods and the num
ber of hours for which the product was released.You will receive rate per employee one hour.
same method you can calculate the norm for the quarter year.For the calculation of production quotas for the quarter, multiply the average daily production by the number of working days in the quarter.Analysis of calculation of generation, you can not spend in one month, and for the quarter or the year.Typically, such a calculation is required for the transfer of all workers with salary or hourly wage rate for labor, which depends on the generation.This procedure - a very lengthy analysis and calculation, which produce in one month is simply impossible, as in the determination of per employee can make a mistake.
why spend calculation rules over a longer period, such as three or six months, and for a more accurate calculation take into account the overall analysis of the development of a single year.To do this, add up all the production in one year, divide by the number of employees, then to 12 and the average number of days in the month, 29.4.You'll get a more accurate calculation produce a worker for one day of work.Depending on the calculation of cost of production of make product.